About Me

Illustration. Design. Colour. Graphic Art. Textiles. I love it all!
As a child I sat for hours at the old local bookstore, the gruff looking owner giving me the trademark wink as I made my way to the back of the store, not to purchase but simply to marvel at the latest offerings. I would carefully turn each page of the newly printed books, tracing every line of the illustrations with my fingers imagining that I myself had drawn them. That bookstore still exists, musty old smell and all. I returned to my old bookstore to proudly see one of my picture books now gracing those dusty shelves and it still brings a smile to my face to think about it.

I illustrate for a career, I illustrate as a hobby, I illustrate for fun, I even illustrate half asleep – you could say I am passionate about illustration! I am currently completing my third children’s picture book to be published in 2015, and I also illustrate children’s stationery and gift products for Spencil which is available nationally and now across Asia.
I originally studied Fashion Design and began my career as a children’s clothing and textile designer, before refining my skills further. Tiny Concept, my own company was then born. As well as illustration, I hand crafted original dolls that were sold and displayed across the world and even featured in a Hollywood movie.
Which leads me to here….. A children’s picture book illustrator – and relishing every minute!
I am currently working on writing and illustrating my own book, and live in Brisbane Australia, with my husband and two gorgeous children.

Illustrating the world, one page at a time…….